Chair Casters for Carpet

Carpet is very common and casters can be used on anything from low ply to shag carpets, but the types of casters used will vary.

For a low ply carpet, any hard wheeled caster will do the trick. Nylon, hard rubber, or other hard material will work well for the wheel. These materials will grip the carpet less than softer materials, making it easier to turn and roll. A rubbery material will grip the carpet, and feel like its sticking when they are moved.

For a shag or thick carpet, not only should a hard wheel material be used, but also the largest diameter caster wheel possible. Many times a large wheel is not desired, but the largest one possible should be used in this cast to prevent the caster from binding up in the carpet.

Many chair and furniture casters can meet these demands, so be sure to discuss your carpet type and options with a caster and wheel representative by calling us at 800-215-8220.

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