Factors in Choosing An Industrial Caster Wheel

It might seem to be a simple task, choosing the appropriate wheel for a caster to be used in an industrial setting. In reality, though, the choice has many factors that should be considered for a lasting positive experience. Environment, workload, and capacity are just a few of the many considerations involved.

Industrial caster wheels need to be fitted not only to the device, but to the surroundings. Will the caster be exposed to weather, or extreme temperatures, such as an oven? Are there chemicals, oils, or other liquids that could be potentially harmful to certain wheel substances?  Is the surface with which the wheel will be in contact with smooth, rough, cracked, or have debris?

Of course, a caster wheel that can handle expected workloads and handling is a necessity. Is there chance of rough handling, or stress in a manner other than straight rolling? Perhaps the wheels are going to be static for long periods of time and only receive occasional use.  Not to be ignored is the power behind the wheeled device. Is that power to be supplied manually or by powered equipment?

Many times, the choice for wheels is made by weight capacity alone. However, consideration must be given to ergonomics. Will the wheel  begin to roll easily when engaged by a worker? Is the caster wheel going to give the least resistance when turning?

When choosing a caster wheel for industry, gather as many details as possible.  This data will be of great assistance when ordering casters. Service Caster sales reps are knowledgeable in all facets of wheel behavior, and will recommend the proper wheel for industrial usage.  Ready to order? Call us at 800-215-8220.

Flat Free Foam Filled Tires

What are these flat free foam filled tires, and why use them? Let’s find out.

The flat free tire can be used in any situation a pneumatic tire could be used, such as garden cart wheels, wheelbarrow wheels, hand truck wheels, and caster wheels. The difference is that instead of being air filled, the tire is filled with a polyurethane foam matrix. The foam maintains the flexibility, shock absorption, and easy movement of a pneumatic tire, but won’t deflate even if punctured.

Flat free tires are great for any application where there is a high likelihood of tire puncturing, such as a warehouse floor with metal shavings or staples, or for anyone who simply doesn’t want to have to worry about refilling a pneumatic tire. This feature does add to the cost of the tire.

Ask us at Service Caster about flat free foam filled tires today

Service Caster Engineers Mining Wheels

Service Caster steps outside the box, and goes underground to produce a wheel for extreme conditions.

The mining industry was in need of a wheel to carry its 140,000 pound capacity mining tuggers. Tuggers are used to pull mining equipment into and out of mines. These slow moving vehicles, about one mile-per-hour, had to have a specially designed and built wheel to handle the workload and rough surface of the mine passages. The engineers at Service Caster put the catalog aside and got to work.

The result is a massive wheel weighing over 1,300 pounds. Standing 36 inches tall and with a width of 22 inches, these cast iron core, super extra heavy duty polyurethane wheels are made to withstand the rigors of the mining environment. The substantial width of each wheel offers more surface contact, in effect spreading the pounds per square inch over a larger area. The heavy duty polyurethane tread will allow the tuggers to roll over debris in a smoother fashion than a solid iron or steel would allow.

Above ground or below, Service Caster Corporation continues to match the needs of industry.

Choosing Pneumatic Wheels For Casters

Pneumatic wheels have two major benefits over many other caster wheels. In addition, they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and tread patterns. Read on to find out if a pneumatic wheeled caster would be useful for your application!

The first major benefit of pneumatic caster wheels is that they offer a very cushioned ride. This is useful for applications that need protection from excess vibration, or travel over rough surfaces such as rocks, concrete, dirt, or grass.

The second major benefit is that pneumatic wheeled casters provide an extremely quiet ride even on uneven and rough surfaces.  This is helpful in any environment where noise is an issue.

A variety of options are available for pneumatic wheels. Choose selections for tube and tubeless depending on application. Multiple bearing types as well as bearing sizes allow for pneumatic wheels to be used on many caster frames. Tread styles also vary greatly, and include smooth, ribbed, diamond, sawtooth, and knobby tread patterns.

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