Flat Free Foam Filled Tires

What are these flat free foam filled tires, and why use them? Let’s find out.

The flat free tire can be used in any situation a pneumatic tire could be used, such as garden cart wheels, wheelbarrow wheels, hand truck wheels, and caster wheels. The difference is that instead of being air filled, the tire is filled with a polyurethane foam matrix. The foam maintains the flexibility, shock absorption, and easy movement of a pneumatic tire, but won’t deflate even if punctured.

Flat free tires are great for any application where there is a high likelihood of tire puncturing, such as a warehouse floor with metal shavings or staples, or for anyone who simply doesn’t want to have to worry about refilling a pneumatic tire. This feature does add to the cost of the tire.

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Toolbox Casters

One of our most popular products is our sets toolbox casters.  Customers in many industries, from DIY and “garage shop” users to mechanics and other technicians, have found our toolbox casters especially useful for their light and medium duty toolboxes, as the polyurethane wheels will not develop flat spots from periods of inactivity.

The wheels roll smoothly with integrated ball bearing design. And the polyurethane wheel will not mark or mar floors, performing well on most surfaces and excelling on hard surfaces like concrete, tile, and wood. 

Alternate uses for these wheels also include material handling, carts, equipment, and shop projects. 

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