Desert Tortoise Rehab Project – Using Low Profile Casters

It’s not every day you see a tortoise on wheels, but that’s what Reaper is! Several years ago, Service Caster got a call for help from the adoption team at the SF Valley Chapter of California Turtle & Tortoise Club. This tortoise, once named Speedy (now Reaper) was unfortunate enough to spend nearly 9 months trapped under a crawl space. Amazingly he survived, but was extremely malnourished, dehydrated, and barely able to move when he finally freed himself. In order to rehabilitate Reaper, the Tortoise club designed a turtle skateboard. Not only did Service Caster provide the wheels for this skateboard, but fabricated the entire project for Reaper. This donation has enabled Reaper to become more easily mobile and provided an opportunity to aid in facilitating a full recovery.

Three Tips to Make Lawn Maintenance a Breeze

It’s summer.  The grass is growing.  And growing. And growing.  It grows so fast that you barely have time to enjoy the fruits of your lawn mowing labor before you’re back at it again.  And that cute little flowerbed you planted in the spring? Well, now it’s a bed of weeds interspersed with flowers.  

Lawn care is serious business.  And, apparently, also a competitive one. Who hasn’t looked over at their neighbor’s lawn and gotten a case of comparisonitis?  When your lawn looks better, there’s an added swag to your step. When it looks worse, well, you make a beeline to wherever you store your lawnmower and fire it up.  

But these three tips can help make lawn maintenance a little easier on you.  Of course, all our tips involve the use of wheels. But, hey, we’re a caster company, so some shameless self stealth promotion is to be expected.

Hack Your Weed Wacker

A few weeks ago we had an elderly customer call into us to order wheels for his weed wacker.  It seems that due to some physical issues, he was no longer able to hold it up for long periods of time.  So, he thought, “Why not put some wheels on it?” Then he could push it around like a lawnmower. Pretty cool, huh? 

Make Your Garden Tools Mobile

So, that flowerbed we mentioned that’s overgrown with weeds?  Well, you probably won’t want to use a weed wacker on that because the flowers you so painstakingly planted will become collateral damage.  And you definitely don’t want to use one on that garden you planted lest your hard work cultivating those fruits and veggies will be for naught.  We can’t make pulling the weeds by hand any less painless for your lower back, but sharing our hack for keeping your tools close at hand will at least make the process a little easier and save you the inconvenience of having to travel to the shed or garage for the one garden tool you need at that moment.

Use a Utility Cart

Utility carts and wagons are great for hauling away those freshly-pulled weeds to your trash can or another area of the yard.  Coincidentally, they’re also useful for transporting the flowers from your car to the flowerbed in the first place. (Got kids toys strewn all over the yard?  You can go through the yard, pick them up, and put them in the cart instead of running them back to your toy storage one by one.)

Check out our Pinterest board for visuals of each one of our tips and then let us know which one you think will be most useful for you.  

Need some wheels?  Give us a call at 800-215-8220 and we’ll hook you up.