Desert Tortoise Rehab Project – Using Low Profile Casters

It’s not every day you see a tortoise on wheels, but that’s what Reaper is! Several years ago, Service Caster got a call for help from the adoption team at the SF Valley Chapter of California Turtle & Tortoise Club. This tortoise, once named Speedy (now Reaper) was unfortunate enough to spend nearly 9 months trapped under a crawl space. Amazingly he survived, but was extremely malnourished, dehydrated, and barely able to move when he finally freed himself. In order to rehabilitate Reaper, the Tortoise club designed a turtle skateboard. Not only did Service Caster provide the wheels for this skateboard, but fabricated the entire project for Reaper. This donation has enabled Reaper to become more easily mobile and provided an opportunity to aid in facilitating a full recovery.

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