Five Motivational Quotes We’re Living By Right Now

Great things never come from comfort zones.

We’ve been in business for 25 years and are thriving, but are we stopping?  Nope. We have a well-oiled sales funnel in place to sell our casters and wheels; however, we know that there is room to grow, so we’ve been focusing on building brand awareness on social media in both our business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets.  It’s the one piece of the marketing puzzle that we haven’t leveraged to date and we’re super excited to see how we can utilize it to grow.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

Most people don’t think about their casters.  “But my office chair came with wheels. Why should I buy new ones when these are totally fine?”  Sure, they’re fine, but why settle? Manufacturers put casters on the bottom of a lot of products, however, they don’t put the BEST casters on for the application because it doesn’t make sense for them to lose profit-margin over something so small, literally and figuratively.  You’d be surprised by the difference an upgraded set of casters makes on the bottom of your product.  

“A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all.”

We strive to provide our customers with superior customer service throughout the sales process.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a question about a product or an issue with a product and being unable to get a live human being on the phone work through it with.  Our customer service representatives are all located in our West Reading, PA headquarters and are available to walk our customers through the sales process, answer questions, and resolve complaints five days a week during business hours. 

“Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher.”

We’re very proud of our collaborative staff here at Service Caster.  Our staff members are quick to step outside of their designated roles to pitch in on projects that will grow our brand awareness and increase sales.  Our customer service team has been working closely with the social media team to produce behind-the-scenes photos for our Instagram feed. The website store team is helping the social media team, too, by coordinating the back end of our new soon-to-be-launched facebook shop.  And the marketplace and web store teams constantly have their heads together on one project or another. We absolutely love it.

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.”

Consistency is what matters in the end.  Being consistently visible on social media, in Google searchers, and through other marketing channels.  Having staff available to handle customer inquiries, sales, and complaints. And selling quality products.  If we lack in any one of those three areas we will miss out on providing the best customer experience possible, which threatens our ability to obtain new customers and keep existing customers buying from us over and over.  But all three together, well, they’re pretty powerful tools for ensuring we’re here to serve you for another 25 (or more) years.

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Oh, and if you need some casters or wheels, our customer service team would be happy to help you find the perfect set  for your application or project. Just give us a call at 800-215-8220. #shamelessselfpromotion #wehaveacasterforthat

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