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#USAMfgHour Twitter Chat Recap for May 21, 2020

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On May 21, 2020, Tony Nash, the CEO and Founder of Complete Intelligence (@complete_intel), hosted a #USAMfgHour Twitter chat on forecasting and AI for manufacturers.  Below is a summary of Tony’s (@TonyNashonAsia) questions and answers on this very important topic.

Question 1:  What are some of the trends manufacturers can expect to see in 2020 and in the next few years? 

Answer 1a:  “Procurement and category leaders will increasingly become strategy players within their companies. With AI/ML tools for cost transparency & scenario planning for manufacturing, these leaders can show ROI, significantly improve margins” 

Answer 1b: “#Supplychains will become more regionalized over the coming years. #Manufacturers will need #AI #ML cost technology to quickly run scenarios on cost estimates, supplier comparison and risk assessments for each new #sourcing location”.

Question 2: Why choose an #AI solution for cost control in #manufacturing? 

Answer 2:  “Non-AI forecasting methods are limiting. As companies are reforecasting, decision cycle time is critical. AI/ML models compute millions of calculations to optimize cost outlooks. Better information & forecasts = more informed clients = better decisions”

Question 3:  Did you know the average consensus forecast error is double digits? Do you know the accuracy of the forecasts you are using?

Answer 3:  “We regularly test our #AI #ML forecast accuracy compared to consensus forecast. Our core belief is that data & math should drive the forecast results without human intervention or bias. What we found was astonishing. CI outperformed consensus 88% of the time.”

Question 4:  If enterprise BOM materials aren’t publicly traded commodities, can these material costs be forecasted accurately? 

Answer 4:  “Yes! One of the challenges we see for product lines is that consensus forecasts & indexes lack context and detail for specific products, components, and raw materials. Our #AI #ML platform incorporates enterprise & market factors for specific cost & revenue items.”

Question 5:  Should my company build an #AI #ML cost analysis model in-house or outsource? 

Answer 5:  “Consider the budget, time to results, and expected outcomes. Looking for value and access to results quickly? Look to outsource those #AI #ML projects. Commercialized AI applications like @complete_intel’s CI Futures & CostFlow have a track record & proven success.” 

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