Partnering with a Staffing Firm to Recruit Top Talent

#USAMfgHour Twitter Chat Recap for June 11, 2020

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Recruiters can save time and money, which could have a massive impact on a businesses bottom line.” @NJMEP

On June 11, 2020, Marie Moser of East Pointe Search Group (@EastPointeSG) hosted our #USAMfgHour Twitter chat and covered how manufacturers can partner with a staffing firm to recruit top talent.  

After introductions, Marie asked participants, “What are the top three attributes on your checklist when partnering with a recruiter?”  The participants who worked with a recruiter said that expertise in their areas, reputability, and candidate evaluation process were all important to them. Marie said that her clients generally look for integrity, proficiency, and respect for their time and investment when they work with her. 

What is the biggest value-added benefit when working with an independent recruiter?  @Paul_Kiesche said you can save time finding candidates and prevent headaches with bad ones, while @NJMEP said recruiters take the lead on finding potential hires while business leaders build the business.  Marie agreed, pointing out that companies recruiting on their own have to spend time and money to create ads, pay for them, review resumes, pre-screen candidates, and respond to all resumes and calls.  So, working with a recruiter can save them a lot of money.

Next Marie stated that “Companies can interest top talent by putting their best foot forward – sharing what makes them unique and why current employees love working for them because money isn’t always the answer.”  That statement was echoed by participants who mentioned culture, work-life balance, benefits, and advancement as other significant considerations.  @NJMEP mentioned that rethinking job descriptions and being creative with them can go a long way to drumming up interest, while @SocialSMktg suggested that practicing a consistent social media presence is helpful.

Communication is the key to keeping top talent interested during the interview process.  Not only should you provide timely updates and next steps as Marie suggested, but nearly everyone on the chat agreed that being honest about the position, a candidate’s fit, and the potential for growth is a must.  This helps to align expectations on both ends and avoid potential costly hiring mistakes.  

Marie closed the chat by asking what hesitations or concerns participants have about working with a recruiter.  Cost, potential waste of time, and losing good candidates who don’t want to go through recruiters were the top concerns.  However, most everyone wanted to know WHEN companies should hire recruiters?  Some reasons Marie provided to answer that question include 1.  Lack of time for managers to hire on their own.  2.  When positions are tough to fill, it helps to have another set of eyes/ears searching.  3.  A Recruiters network goes above and beyond what a business may have available to them.

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