What kind of grease should I grease my casters with?

This is a pretty popular question posted to our customer service team at Service Caster and, unfortunately, we don’t have a simple answer for it.

All caster bearings need to be lubricated with a high-quality multi-purpose grease. The grease should have good extreme pressure, anti-wear characteristics, and should be able to withstand the temperature range that fits the application requirements.

Everyone uses their casters and wheels differently, so some may be required to grease their casters and wheels more often than others. Wheel and swivel bearings last longer if they are regularly lubricated. We recommend applying grease to friction points on the wheel hub, washer, and leg surfaces. This will reduce drag and improve rollability. Normal conditions may require lubrication every six months where extreme conditions may require lubrication monthly.  Extreme conditions include corrosive or exceptionally dirty environments. Finally, if the application experiences wash downs, lubrication may be needed after each wash. 

Using the correct grease for your casters and wheels is vital to their lifespan and performance.   Have questions? Give us a call at 1-800-215-8220 and we’ll help you out.

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